Experiencing beautiful Southern Skåne in a day

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In the beginning of June it started to get really warm in Sweden, a thing so unexpected, that I felt I was in some exotic destination. So, with the holiday feeling in my veins we went on to explore Skåne. Having no planned destination or itinerary, we took the car and drove. I love these type of trips, as you never know where you’ll end up. 

Where we ended up; keep reading to discover how! 🙂

Towards the sea

Okay, maybe I’m lying. I had a destination in my mind and that was somewhere at the sea, close to Malmö. However we took Max – my little staffy – with us. And then I thought It wouldn’t do Max good; to be so long at the beach. It would’ve been too warm for a dog. 

So, Vali came with the idea that we should go towards Trelleborg – the southernmost city in Sweden and only 20 minutes drive from Malmö. And from there we should go from village to village, exploring the beautiful seaside. 

seaside, sand, beach, waves, blue sky, pier
Swedish Seaside

The idea appealed to me, as the weather suddenly became extraordinary warm and sunny after a long lasting winter. And what better place to cool down than by the sea? So we reached Trelleborg in no time. That city reminded me of the time I moved in Sweden 5 years ago. It was the first Swedish town I ever saw and then I knew my life will change forever. 

Following the road through Trelleborg and then different villages, I was (again) amazed by how perfectly clean and stylish all the houses were. Families sat outside on their porches, enjoying the beautiful weather too. At some point, I was impatient to reach the seaside, because the heat started to become unbearable. Starting to look more carefully where we could turn right towards the sea, I noticed a small hidden path. 

The strong wind & the sea

I immediately told Vali to take that way and to my surprise it was only a small hidden parking with hardly any cars. Perhaps it was the villager’s secrete escape. We parked our car and noticed a small entrance to the seaside. The moment we stepped on the sand, a continuos wind gust encountered us from the beginning to the end of our whole visit. 

The beach was wild, untouched by human constructions. There were only few people trying to enjoy themselves due to the strong wind. But when I noticed the beauty of the sea, I rapidly forgot about it and started to fight against its draught on my way towards the water. 

girl, beach, seaside, wind, waves, sand, blue sky
It was however sooo windy!

We reached the shore, finally, took these amazing pictures and off we went. The wind made it unbearable to be at the beach that day. However, I was really happy that at least Max savoured his time, taking a bath and running around like crazy. 

Pheasants & fields of gold

Back in the car, having a wet dog and no destination, we decided to leave the seaside and go towards the inner part of Skåne. On our way, I couldn’t help it but notice how special this part of Sweden is. Vast fields of gold rape flowers spread across Skåne’s countryside, surrounded villages and forests. You know how it makes you feel? Like you’re in some old famous painting from a forgotten past. I can tell you guys, the landscape was really picturesque. 

skåne, rape fields, countryside, church, blue sky, trees
It feels like I was in a famous painting

I took a quick look at the map and saw there was a castle nearby. Having such a great memory from Alnarp, I wanted to see if this one was the same. We had to drive on stony roads, through young forests, to discover eventually that the castle was actually a private property. You can tell my disappointment. 

But you know how they say, something good comes always out of a bad thing. And the good part here was that for the very first time in my life I saw real pheasants walking around unhindered on the fields surrounding the castle’s property. I mean, I saw pheasants before at the zoo. BUT, here they were in their natural environment! I was so excited, like a child if you ask me, trying to take as many photos as I could. You know how fast these guys run?! I never knew until now. 

bird, grass, phasant
Look at that little guy over there! 🙂

A second visit to Svaneholms Castle

The day was not over yet, as I wanted to fulfil my dream of visiting another fairytale-like Skånish castle. And as there are plenty of them in this region, I took a quick look at the map and our position to see if there was another one in our area. To my surprise, from the private castle called Näsbyholm, we had to drive only 15 minutes to reach Svaneholm

castle, sweden, skåne, lake, svaneholm
Svaneholms Castle surrounded by old woods

I didn’t know for sure if we have already been there or not, but as we approached the castle, I started to recognise the road and its surroundings. We were there exactly two years ago, with Max as a puppy. This time, he returned a fully grown adult. 

Right at the parking lot, I noticed a very long row with old-fashioned cars. Compared to the ones in Säffle, these ones were classy and well-maintained. I thought about their glory days, when they used to be the nowadays expensive Ferraris or Corvettes. When they used to be the cars rich people would drive on Skåne’s roads. Waking up from the reverie, we took the path that led us through Svaneholms Castle’s grounds. 

cars, vintage
These were from back in the days

A walk on royal grounds

It was the same path we took 2 years ago with Max as a puppy. However, this time, when we returned we were two years more wiser and Max 20 cm more taller. And with a better camera. 

staffordshire bullterrier, forrest, road
Max being a good boy

The road itself led us through a forest that surrounded a vast lake. On our path, we encountered an old tree. 800 years old to be more precise. Imagine how it witnessed princes and princesses walking by and now us and other tourists that explored Svaneholm’s Castle. Right in front of the tree was a bench where we stopped for a lunch break and to remember that that was the place Max lost his first tooth. 

old tree, tree, forrest, woods, sun
Imagine how many people this old tree has seen walking by

Moving on, the path led us deeper in the woods, having to walk on wooden pathways to cross a little swamp. Right in the middle of it, was a way out towards the lake. Again, made out of wooden boards, the pavilion like construction offered us the perfect view towards the beautiful castle and lake. 

Castle, lake, sky, forrest
Fairytale-like view

Leaving the swamp, we followed the way again through the forest, breathing in the fresh air and being happy that we could escape the warmth of an unusual Swedish may day. On the road, we saw a lot of other wooden benches for people to enjoy their lunches, or just take a break from walking. Oh how the Swedish system has everything well-organized! 

Without any other stop, we reached the castle grounds. A lot of people sat down in the castle’s gardens and relished the sunlight, having no worry in mind. Children could play freely, while the old cars we saw in the parking started to come one by one through the castle’s gates. Maybe a historical type event was going on, however I didn’t plan to check it on google. I wanted to keep the memory of it exactly how I experienced it that day.

100 km through Southern Skåne

castle, lake, forrest

I was happy the day we didn’t plan turned out absolutely great! Not only did we manage to visit both parts of Skåne: the sea & countryside, but we experienced things like never before. Seeing the beach, pheasants, picturesque fields of gold and remembering Svaneholms Castle on one day made me feel like a female version of Indiana Jones. It was an adventure that I totally recommend to anyone visiting Malmö and wanting to experience its surroundings. I bet you won’t get bored! It just takes one car and 100 kilometres. 


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