Sanna Fey is a place where travel guides and advices turn into endless visual and written stories, where unique tales are told, all from the perspective of a brown-haired girl.

With Sanna Fey I have a mission to provide all travel-lovers with beautifully written travel guides about places yet to be experienced. The regular “top things to do” will turn into what to expect and experience from the things to do. Places will be depict as countless exploration stories, offering you all the reasons to want to embark on the same journey. Imagine this as One thousand and one nights, but with the new title of 1001 travel stories.

One of the most important value that I stick to in my travels is to not hurt or endanger animals in any way. I see very often travel vloggers or bloggers going on adventures where they explore places and show people for example how it is like to ride camels or other animals. I personally am against this type of traveling as I believe they could suffer if they are not properly handled.

My vision for Sanna Fey is to become more than a website or youtube channel. I would like people to know it as an oasis of inspiration for their next adventure. I want to provide the reader with rich in-detail information of every destination I experience, aiming to become a digital nomad, living every month in a different place. Finally, my thoughts are to create a book of all the collected travel experiences that I have aquired on the way.

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